Services + Partnerships


Organizational Development

Creating an efficient workflow is crucial to the success and cost control of a business. Evaluating the weaknesses and strengths of current systems to look for gaps and efficiencies to help your business be agile in the marketplace. 

Once the assessment is complete and action/recommendations put together. We can build the design the structure and layout for your business. This includes reviewing and making recommendations to the structure, additions, control measures and partnerships. 

Organizational Development and Design truly encompasses a total HR partnership. Working together to understand your companies strengths, weakness and gaps when it comes to each area of human resources.

This assessment allows us to fully customize a partnership that is designed specifically for your needs.

Employee Handbook Development

One of the most popular things that Evergreen Consulting supports clients with, is creating or revising employee handbooks to fit a company’s needs while ensuring that you are still complying with employment regulations.

We have multiple options for employee handbooks that are customized to your team what you need. For more information on the different options for employee handbooks, schedule a consultation with our team.

Recruitment & Onboarding

Recruiting and onboarding are part of the talent acquisition and management process, which focuses on employee recruitment and onboarding practices. The biggest thing that comes to mind is assistance with recruiting. Putting together job posts, reviewing resumes and screening applicants. It’s important to get this right and to know what you need and who the best fit will be for that. Talent Acquisition can also include developing and forecasting what talent needs are, job descriptions and recruitment strategy.

Once you have that qualified employee getting ready to join your team, a structured onboarding plan will help create success for you, your new employee and your company. New employees that go through a meaningful and structured onboarding plan are more likely to stay with the company for longer, and can help you save money in the long-run.

Employee Relations

When working to set up your employees for success, you need to help them understand what is required of them and what is not acceptable in your company. You also need to know and feel comfortable with having those conversations. Evergreen Consulting can assist with consulting on performance issues, creating policies and procedures for employees, to also include discipline and offboarding plans.

Evergreen Consulting can also help with performance management by creating of performance evaluation plans, informal and formal check-ins are all important to removing any ambiguity for your employees.

This program is put together based on your culture and vision for your company and what you need. If something doesn’t make sense for your company, why have it in your procedures?

Total Rewards & Payroll Processing

Compensation and benefits strategy is essential for companies and add to the unique value proposition that will help draw in and retain your employees. Total rewards not only contains compensation, but the benefits you provide on top of compensation. This can be insurance, disability, retirement, paid time off, and the many unique benefits that are unique to your company and employees that help bring people to your door step.

Evergreen Consulting can also assist in setting up your payroll system and process payroll if you so desire.

Compliance & Risk Management

There are so many local, county, state and federal regulations that one must know about when adding employees to the mix. Evergreen Consulting can assist in reviewing and setting up the compliance piece to ensure you aren't missing important regulations and standards or submittal dates regarding these regulations and many more (OSHA, FLSA, EEO, etc.).

In Montana, if you have five or more employees you are required to have a safety program designed, in place and all employees trained on it. Do you have an active safety program in use? If not, Evergreen Consulting can help set up your company with what you need.

Learning & Development

Training on state and federal regulations, executive coaching, managerial training, job specific training are all crucial to the professional development of you and your team. Keeping your team engaged, productive and motivated to succeed.

At Evergreen Consulting, we have “off the shelf” training that can be applied and presented to your team, as well as fully customizable and personalized options. We would love to speak with you regarding the potential training that would be right for your team.

Conflict Management & Resolution

We are all human, and sometimes our personalities and vision don’t always match. When issues arise and companies need a third-party involved, they can look to Evergreen Consulting to provide conflict mediation support. By working with an outside party, it can help the situation by providing insight and a neutral base for you and/or your employees involved.