What and Why HR Consulting is Important

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What is Human Resources?


Hu∙man re∙sourc∙es: The division of a company that is focused on activities relating to employees. These activities normally include recruiting and hiring of new employees, orientation and training of current employees, employee benefits, and retention.

Basically, Human Resources is there to ensure that you and your employees have everything you need to be successful in your roles. Some HR professionals are specialist, they become experts in specific areas of HR and bring that in-depth knowledge to support the team in their specialties.

Base on my background, I would fall in to the generalist category. Generalists help businesses in a variety of different areas, whether they are handling the tasks themselves or working with specialists. Below is an infographic of just some of the areas you can find HR.

HR Operational Functions Infographic. 

HR Operational Functions Infographic. 

Why Should I Have an HR Consultant?


For a small business, it can be expensive to bring on a full-time employee that specializes in one or all parts of HR. That’s where having a consultant can be crucial. You get the services that you need, for a price that you can work with.

When working with an HR Consultant, you can be assisted with one or all of the areas above. It truly depends on what you are looking for and the needs of your business. Having a conversation with an HR Consultant is a crucial first step to understating your needs and how they can support you. Whether you need assistance with filling a role, completing payroll, creating highly customized training and development, or working to sustain and enhance your company culture.

An HR Consultant (like me!) can help you with transactional HR (more on this later) and so much more. Transactional HR makes sure that you are following policies, procedures and regulations. Once you are meeting these requirements, your consultant (me!) can help you with transformational HR. This is where you can really make a difference for you and your people.


Photo in Title:Bby Andyone on Unsplash

Infographic: https://www.smartsheet.com/human-resource-management

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