A Good Mull (and Ramble) on Evolution

As our business and our applicant pool adapts and evolves, as HR professional, we do too. 

As our business and our applicant pool adapts and evolves, as HR professional, we do too. 

Prior to the keynote speaker at a conference I recently attended, we were told to silence our phones, take calls outside, you know conference etiquette. When the keynote got on the stage he told us that he wanted us to have our phones out and take photos, tweet pieces of the topic that were interesting to us. I did that; however, as I look at the hashtags, there were very few of us that did that.

Every side of business is changing and evolving, we are using technology more and more and in HR we have the capability to take away a lot of those time-consuming transactional tasks. That brought me to the question I am currently mulling over (and I love a good mull), why aren’t we engaging more with social media and technology? That is where our future employees are, why aren’t we, which got me to a whole other mull on transformational hr. Maybe I should explain the difference in HR.

Transactional HR

Transactional HR is a lot of what you would assume human resources is about. This covers a lot of the administrative activities like: ensuring policies are documented, maintaining employee records, payroll administration, benefits administration, etc. If you are familiar with the old days and “personnel departments” that’s a lot of the transactional HR activities. Managing the transactions from recruitment to processing terminations.

Before you think I don’t think transactional HR is important, it is and always will be. You need documentation and you need to ensure that you can show you are following federal, state, local and internal policies and regulations.

Transformational or Strategic HR

This is what I think is the fun part of HR. How can you tie HR and the people aspect of the business to the vision of the company? How can HR help make the company successful? This is the forward-thinking piece of HR that is becoming more and more prevalent and necessary as our companies transform how they do business.

There is a book called Transformational HR: How human resources can create value and impact business strategy, it’s a good read. If you don’t have time to read the book, there is a quick read on SHRMs blog that talks more about the book.

What is your rambling about Erin?

Our workforce is becoming increasingly accessible to us through social media, Glassdoor is giving them transparency in to what it is like to work for a company, and HR is not always found on these platforms. As companies evolve, technology and social media are bringing more transparency in to the workplace, HR cannot choose to be left behind.

If HR wants a seat at the table, we should make sure we are prepared and able to offer the proactive strategies that our leaders are looking for.


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