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Who We Are

Evergreen Consulting was founded in 2018 in Bozeman, Montana (MT) as a boutique human resources consulting firm. After almost a decade of experience working within human resources and operations, our founder realized there was a misconception as to what human resources was and how it could help impact the bottom line of any company, no matter the size.

With the a goal and vision to help support small and mid-size businesses understand, set up and maintain solid human resources strategy and practices Evergreen Consulting was born. Services and packages are fully customizable to your business and what you need. To find out more about services available, check out our services page.

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Meet our Founder

Erin founded Evergreen Consulting in 2018 due to her passion for helping those around her from within an HR capacity. Her mission was to help businesses in MT and other locales to reduce risk, support their employees and understand the true value of human resources in a company.

Erin has worked in HR for the entirety of her career from healthcare to retail and tech while working for established corporations to start ups. Erin has worked in managerial and leadership roles for companies.

One thing that Erin has found is that human resources can transcend any specific industry. While it is important to know the industry-specific, local/state/federal regulations, culture and trends; it comes down to one thing more important than it all, the people. 

If you don't have good people, treat them right and be open in your communication, you cannot succeed. At Evergreen, that’s what we do. We work to find the right people, set them up and support them for success, and watch them do awesome things.

We need to move away from the traditional way of thinking, and look to the future. Business is changing, and we have to change our processes, procedures and workplace with it.